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100% of your donation will go to the COVID-19 response for North Shore, West Auckland and Rodney

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Your donations change lives

17 Apr 2020

Thank you so much from all of us here at Well Foundation for your donations to our COVID-19 Action Fund. Your amazing gestures are already changing lives; lives like Manu’s.

Manu has cardiomyopathy – a weakness of his heart muscle. This means his heart is unable to pump blood effectively around his body. He requires very close monitoring by his specialist team at Waitakere Hospital to help reduce his symptoms and improve his quality of life and to ensure any changes in his condition are detected quickly and treatment changes made early.

Without your donations, this need for monitoring would have required Manu to stay in hospital longer, and once discharged, leave the safety of his “bubble” at home and regularly make the long return trip from Southend to Waitakere Hospital.

It is vitally important that Manu is protected from COVID-19. He would be at high risk of serious complications if he were to contract the virus, but Manu is at equally high risk of complications if his care team aren’t able to monitor and manage his health problems closely.

As a result of generous donations to the Well Foundation, Manu has been provided with an in-home blood pressure monitor, allowing him to stay safe at home, and he would like to say thank you.

“It hasn’t been possible for my wife to visit me in hospital due to the COVID-19 situation, so when my doctors told me I could go home early to be with her, because of the remote monitoring equipment, I was thrilled. I can be with my wife at home and will feel safe knowing that I can monitor my condition myself.”

Cardiology Nurse Specialist, Heather Brannigan will be caring for Manu over the coming weeks.

“I have spoken to Manu’s wife since he went home from hospital; we have developed a plan for her to implement the monitoring required for Manu and to communicate that information to me regularly. She and Manu are also able to phone for advice or support whenever this may be needed, but the remote monitoring equipment helps us to do that much more effectively than we could do otherwise”.

Long after the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lifted, the devices our donors’ generosity has provided will continue to improve the lives of hundreds of patients, like Manu, with serious long term health conditions.

Donations are also helping patients to have more involvement in their own care planning and implementation, giving them a sense of control, and helping them to manage their condition as well as possible.

So from Manu, his hospital team, the wider Waitematā cardiology service and all the patients that will benefit in the future, we thank you for helping make this happen.

If you would like to know more about the difference your donations are making, or if you are interested in helping us benefit more patients, please call Tim Edmonds (Well Foundation CEO) on 021 841 047 or donate online.

Thank you for making such a difference in Manu’s life. Stay safe and well.